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Well it’s been a LONG time since my last update. I’ve just been too busy to update this site. Hopefully soon I will be launching an all new site. Here is a collection of my favourite photos from this past Winter.


Buffalo Point, MB in Winter

Winter Wonderland Winter Hangs On

Buffalo Point, MB in Winter

In The Wind Impassible 2.0

Drive Into The Night

Hangin' On Dog Hair & Snow

Steel & Snow

Smooth Flow Nature's Magic

Polished By Cold

Tulabi Falls in Winter Panorama


Cold Dust in the Wind The Drive Home

Stranded In The Cold

Frosty Christmas Hoar

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December is always a busy month and with some of the nasty weather we received, I didn’t get out and about as much as I would have liked to. The few times I did get out where quite successful. Here are some of my favorites from December’s photo explorations.

Winter Wonderland

Here are a couple from my neck of the woods. This was one of the first snow falls of the season.

Piney Municipality

Smooth As Ice

One of my photo explorations was in The Whiteshell area. I was hoping for some decent landscape shot but after not really finding anything I was looking for I decided to return to a familiar spot.

Snowy Islands

These are shots from 2 trips to The Whiteshell.

Hwy 312Oh The Hoarror

Ice Leaf

This is a great example at some of the beauty that mother nature can produce.

Ice ToesWhiteshell WonderlandWinter Wonderland

Ice Undertow

I’ve never seen ice formations like these before and am really happy I decided to return to this spot.

Winter WonderlandWinter Roadside AttractionWinter Magic Hour

Spaced Out

Above is an interesting site. A farmer has stock piled feed and covered it with a giant white tarp and used these bales to keep it in place.

Winter Driving

Sometimes when you can’t find an interesting location to shot you have to improvise. These two shots are some of the roads I’ve traveled looking for something to shoot.

Road 1N Panorama

Where The Buffalo RoamHouse Of Memories

These buffalo were kind enough to pose for a shot and this old building was located in the middle of a cemetery.


On this particular exploration I found only one shot. These snow drifts caught my eye.

The Crew

The Adventures With Garfield continues….

Getting ReadyGarfield Keeping WarmNo, you can't go outside!Garfield StrandedGarfield Enjoying  The Fresh SnowBetter Watch Out


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Finally, an update. I’ve been quite busy and keep forgetting to update this site. I am in the process of completely redoing my site. It will quite different and one of the main things will be a fully functioning store.

On the photos for November 2009. I definitely didn’t get out as much as I would have liked. I did get three explorations in including one with some fellow photographers.


This was a staged shot. I found a very large rock quarry and while setting up this photo, some people were target shooting. I swear they were shooting a canon. Not a camera LOL. While there I found six .22 cal. unused shells. If only I had a .22 gun.

Doorway To A DoorwayTwisted ViewParked For Good

After the rock quarry I found a few abandoned places. One of which was quite spectacular. Unfortunately there were ‘no trespassing’ signs everywhere.

Old Yellow House

Here is a panorama of this old farm.

Old Farm Panorama


Crossing Lines

More culverts! This one was a nice find as it was large enough to get into and wasn’t too full of water. The middle section was partially caved in so the over shape was distorted. It made for one of my personal favorite photos.

PanoraRoadside Attraction Panoramama21f

Even though this little spot had a lot going on, it was actually too busy to really get a good shot. A black and white conversion saved this panorama as the color version was too much to take in.

Last Look At FallSolitary LeafField Of Fire

While exploring I came across several field fires. One made it into a ditch where there was much more to burn. It made for a great photo opp. This color spectrum concept is by no means new or original but its something I’ve wanted to try for a while. I’ve just never had the right photo to try it on. That is until this fire shot.

Spectrum Of Fire


Barn By The River

While exploring with two other photographers we came across a few abandoned places.

Reflected SunOn The HuntBinary House

I called this exploration “Dead Eagle Tour” as we saw a dead eagle on the road. First time any of us seen that. We also saw at least a dozen eagles in total. That would have been a great time for a 600mm with a 1.4TC.

Bottle In The Window


Bastard Wheel

Horror Movie HouseScary RoomTransition To Winter

Cold Culverts


Adventures With Garfield!

This month I started a little on-going project I’ve wanted to do for a while. For years I had these Garfield figurines and since getting into photography I though of doing something with them.

Adventures With Garfield

Adventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With Garfield

Adventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With Garfield

Adventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With GarfieldAdventures With Garfield

Too Much To DrinkRed White and Blue AND Orange?Garfield Hangin' Out At The TracksEvil Garfield ComethGarfield Enjoying  The Fresh Snow

Better Watch OutGarfield StrandedThe CrewNo, you can't go outside!Garfield Keeping Warm

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