After over a month of not being able to get out for a photo exploration I was in need of a fix. I email a fellow photographer if he wanted to go shooting and he asked where I wanted to go. I told him I wanted to shoot landscapes with rocks and water facing west. He suggested Victoria Beach, MB and off we went. We arrived late afternoon and shot until just after sunset. It ended up being a great shoot and the sunset really delivered some nice color.

Lake Cappuccino

Upon arrival at Victoria Beach the sky was overcast. This was actually a good thing as it made for some interesting lighting. The milky tan color of the water and the pastel colors of the sky made a nice combination. I also found Jabba The Hut. See below for Jabba!

Jabba The Hut The Odd Couple

Time Management

At first it looked as the sunset was going to disappoint. The sun ducked behind the clouds but then reappeared to deliver the goods.

Sunset Kayaking

While setting up the above composition I spotted a person in a kayak coming my way. Since I was set up with filters for a long exposure I quickly removed the filters and adjusted my settings so I’d be ready for when he passed by. The timing couldn’t have been better.

The Great Divide

With so many rocks and possible compositions the challenge was to find one that worked. Instead of just a bunch of rocks in the water I searched for interesting patterns in the rocks that Mother Nature left. I was lucky and found a couple interesting patterns. The above photos titled “The Great Divide” is a my fa

The Gathering (BW) Bold & The Boulder

This group of rocks (see above left and below) I called “The Gathering”. The black and white version was taken about 1.5 hours before the color version. The light at that time was so harsh I decided to re-shoot it when the light was better. In the end I kept both versions.

The Gathering

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