On the way back home from Little Limestone Lake we made a stop for the sunset and some night shooting at Steep Rock, Manitoba.

Steep Rock, Manitoba @ Sunset

The was setting as we arrived and it wasn’t much of a sunset. I did manage to catch some nice color before it completely died.

Steep Rock Limestone Pier

Even thought the color in the image below was nice, I decide to go for a more dramatic look. This sparked a series of BW conversions.


Some really interesting rock formations and caves to explore at Steep Rock.

Immovable Inide Of A Cave @ Steep Rock

7 angle panorama covering over 180­º of view.

Steep Rock Panorama

While taking night shots we captured what we thought was a hot air balloon. It was in a lower altitude and had an orange flame. So we naturally thought balloon. Except it didn’t act as one. It was moving rather fast and the flame never changed. There were also no lights and no silhouette of the balloon. This happen again about 20min or so after from a different direction. I managed to capture it as well but didn’t get a good exposure. Some people are saying it could be a Chinese lantern that you light and floats to the sky. That could work but the second sighting was moving pretty erratically. It would seem to stop then quickly move in a different direction. I guess it is possible that the wind currents higher up were quite different then below where we were. UFO’s or not I plan to return to Steep Rock.

UFO at Steep Rock

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